Rape survivor, activist, author and motivational speaker

Jessica was born and raised in Paris, Texas. She is a graduate of North Lamar High School and Paris Junior College. Jess was raped when she was ten years old and it is her mission to turn her tragedy into a movement to bring awareness and help others. Jess believes in forgiveness and moving forward. She centers her life and career around positivity and high vibes. Jess is a firm believer in your vibe attracting your tribe. 

For speaking engagements or book signings, message the email address above. 

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Jessica Harris


Jessica is using her childhood trauma to bring childhood sexual assault to light. Our mission is to show we are survivors and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Jessica has written the first of four books about her attack and her journey to forgive and move forward. New blog post will be posted twice a week. One blog will be an issue the fans choose.

Speaking Engagements and Book Signings

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Jess is available for book signings and speaking engagements. All venues will be considered. Please feel free to email with requests.

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